Diversity Decoded is a network of professionals with demonstrated expertise and proven results in implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  We support an organization’s strategic priorities by building a caring and engaged culture which connects people, strengthens relationships, and embodies the DEI vision and values.

Areas of Interest

Privilege and Power

  • Neuroscience of Bias and Prejudice
  • How the Mind Works
  • Unconscious and Implicit Bias
  • Micro-aggressions, Triggers & the Accumulation Effect
  • Privilege and Power (and Insider/Outsider Dynamics
  • Anti-Racism and Structural Inequality
  • Reducing and Mitigating Bias

Communication and Conflict

  • Feedback Across Differences
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Cross-Cultural Communications and Misunderstandings
  • Managing Conflict
  • Dialogue vs. Debate
  • Deep Listening Skills

...and much more

Diversity drives innovation. When we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.

Telle Whitney


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